Nearly 25 years ago, in my late teens, I picked up my first electric saw. I was inspired by a photo of a nativity scene and wanted to transform the 1-D image into a 3-D work of art using wood. I’ve always been able to take every day things and visualize them in abstract ways.

I made the nativity scene and took it to a kiosk at the mall where it sold that day.

While I clearly had a talent for wood working, I put the saw down and instead, pursued my love of photography and capturing moments on camera.

In 2012, I opened my Etsy store to sell my photography work which included prints on canvas and unconventional surfaces like wood and stone tiles. I had a few sales, but wanted to try something different and have my work reach a greater audience.

More than two decades after I picked up my first electric saw, I decided to give it another go.

Inspired by my love of my hometown of Chicago, I took an image of the city flag and made it a 3-D abstract piece using reclaimed barn wood from a neighboring town.

My etsy page took off and the interest in my woodwork began to grow. I continued to create Chicago flags and discovered that each new one sold better than the last. My vision expanded and I began to get requests for additional city and state flags, business logos, sports team mascots, and even household items.

With no formal woodworking training and with simply an eye for the abstract, I have taken my idea from the backyard of my small apartment–to a huge loft space on Chicago’s west side. There, I work with my apprentice, Andy, and a handful of employees, to meet the demands of my bustling Etsy store.

Some of my pieces are now in the hands of the founder and CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, and two of my other works sit at the Facebook headquarters. Recently, I signed on with the Red Robin food chain to produce signs for their restaurants nationwide. However, still loyal to my local roots, I created three Goose Island Beer signs can be seen at Chicago’s sports arena, the United Center.

I really enjoy making custom pieces and put my heart and soul into every single order.

I credit my amazing customers for helping me go from starving artist, to working artist.

I hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to making art with you!


Stella Dodecahedron 2020

In recent years, I have grown into the realm of sculpting and creating magnificent pieces of art for displays in local cities.

My sculptures are taken from city to city and spend a 12 month period in a single location before being moved. I currently have sculptures sitting in _______, _______, and ________.

I use a combination of different lighting techniques along with innovative designs in my sculptures to bring them to life.

I have found sculpting as an incredible way to showcase my creativity. Over the past 2 plus years, I have created multiple pieces of art that are currently on display across the US, with more to come in 2021.