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The Dodecahedron Infinity Mirror dichroic glass Light


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These lights are handmade to order by me so I’m completely open to colors, sizes, shadow designs etc. This design was spawned from the geometric shape, the  dodecahedron.  It contains 12 sides of equal pentagons.  For this creation I use dichroic film on glass to get the infinity mirror look.  What makes dichroic film so unique is, depending upon which direction you look at it the color changes.  This piece can either sit on a table, floor or can be inverted and hung from the ceiling like a chandelier. Expect about 6-8 weeks for delivery. This is not a kit like some sites sell, this is a finished product made from wood.

Dimensions N/A

, , , , , ,

Primary color

, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Secondary Color (shadow casting area)

Blue, Red, Green, White, Black, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Iron and rust, Bronze w/blue pantia, Bronze w/green patina, Copper w/blue patina, Copper w/green patina, Cream

Choose LED Bulb

Natural LED Bulb, Color LED bulb w/ remote control

Hanging or Table/floor lamp

Hanging, Table